Limousin Herd

The Lowfold Limousin herd was started in 1989 by the purchase of four pedigree limousin cows

Ballysorell Rose

Huxley Echo

Huxley Heather

Tanhill Bunique

Who all joined our herd bull Newsham Biggles.

Limousin bulls had  been used on our suckler herd of Welsh Black cows from the early 70's.

Easy Calving/ Easycare are the main points of our cattle,  they have been bred for the farm..........not the biggest cattle in the breed they are very self-fleshing on grass in summer and clamp silo in winter.

Some people say the Limouisn is a wild breed  ''Take one look at you and run...."  Not our's, any heifer that shows itself to be sharp is sent fat (to kill) how ever good it looks!!